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The Pyramid Community Parent Resource Center was established in 1991 by parents of children with disabilities. The program is designed to support, assist and provide expertise to parents in traditionally underserved areas of New Orleans.

Underserved communities are those communities that have become isolated due to racial and/or cultural discrimination, language barriers, geographic locations (both urban and rural) and socio-economic factors.

The Pyramid Community Parent Resource Center's Founders, D.J. and Ursula Markey, are the parents of two young adults with disabilities. The Markeys have over 20 years experience in all aspects of special education and related services. Working with the Markeys is a team of experienced parents and advocates of children with disabilities.

The program provides information and training on special education and disability legislation, through workshops, newsletters, referrals, and one-to-one assistance.

• On understanding your rights as a parent as they relate to special education laws and regulations
• On special education
• On disability laws
One-to-one assistance:
• With Individualized Education Programs (I.E.P.), Individualized Transition Programs (I.T.P) and meeting preparation
• On understanding education and agency language
• With mediation
• With linkage to support services available in the New Orleans community

The mission of Pyramid Community Parent Resource Center is to strengthen community by reaching underserved families of children and young adults who have disabilities with the information, training, and support they deserve to achieve their maximum potential.
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