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Get The Facts

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Get the Facts

1. Child’s Name:


2. School:

3. Location of Incident:


4. Time of Incident:

5. Is your child receiving Special Education Services?


Yes No Exceptionality:_______________

(On the IEP)


6. Name of School Employee recommending


7. Witnesses: Who saw the incident?

Security: Names and descriptions



Teacher: Names and descriptions


Student: Names and descriptions:

Parent: Names and descriptions:

Other: Names and descriptions:




What Happened?









Other Important Questions to Answer:


For all Students:


1. Did the school notify you that your child was recommended for expulsion?




2. Did the school tell your child why he/sheis being recommended for expulsion?




3. Did the school hold a conference to hear your child’s side of the story before recommending expulsion?




For Special Education Students Only:


1. Does the school have an IEP in place?




2. Did the school do a Manifestation Determination Review, with your input, within ten days of the

recommendation for expulsion?




3. Did the school do a Functional Behavioral Analysis and a Behavior Management Plan?




4. If your child has a history of behavior problems, was there a Behavior Management Plan in place?




5. Is there any service in your child’s IEP that they are not getting? ie. Counseling, accommodations.




Reasons My Child Should NOT Be Expelled
















8. Because every child deserves an opportunity to get an education!!!



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